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Welcome To The New World creates innovative software and mobile applications. We create our products for human needs and just for fun. The modern technologies, creative vision and the best user experience - that's what help us to deliver the best quality software to our clients. Build your applications and software with us. Describe us which kind of software or mobile application you need, and we will help you to choose the best option for your business and your needs.

Our Team

Andrii Piatakha


Andrey Svyatobatko


Nikita Ivanov

UX/UI Designer

Vladyslav Monastyrski


Vitaliy Dikhtyaruk


Igor Lisovitskiy


Our Services

  • Free apps

    Try our applications for free creates software and mobile apps which you can start use absolutely free of charge. You can find list of our apps in our 'Galery' section.

  • Software development

    Create your best software with our team comprises of the best software engineers, designers, quality assuarance engineers and marketers. We are ready to help you to create software for your business.

  • Mobile apps development

    Create mobile apps with our team

    Our software engineers will help you to build mobile applications of different difficulty levels.

  • Java developers

    Hire our experts for your projects

    You can hire our java developers on temporary basis for your projects.