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You will learn how to promote your goods online. You will learn the most useful techniques which are used on daily basis in top-notch companies.


Build a 'new you' with our courses. The path to success is shorter, if you go with your friends. You can find friends in our University.

Web Design & UX

Learn web design and user expirience with the best tutors. Create amazing web sites and find your dream job.

Web & Programming

Learn programming basics. You will be able to create web and mobile applications. Also we have special courses for Quality Assurance Engineers.

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FREE! Master Java Basics

This is the first part of fundamental training program 'Java from Zero to First Job'. As it's declared in the course name, it's created for people who want to learn programming from scratch. You need to know how to turn on your computer, no other knowledge is required for this course :) The rest will be covered in lessons. This course will help you to understand programming basics and will help you to proceed your education for web, mobile or desktop developer.

Price: FREE

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Java: From 0 to First Job

This is the complete course to learn Java online. 180 interview tests will help you to be prepared for the interview. We will cover in details all topics so that you could pass interview for Java Junior Engineer. We will learn Java Basics, Java Core, Collections Framework, Multithreading, Input and Output Streams, Web Development, how HTTP protocol works, Web Servers, Data Bases and pricniples of DB Architecture and lots more. By the end of this course you will create your own web application - online shop. A lot of practical exercises with detailed review will help you to practice your skills.

Price: $19.99

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Java Tutor

Andrii Piatakha

Founder and CEO in IT-Bulls. Creator of Learn-IT University. Top Udemy instructor. Developer of learning mobile application for people who want to be prepared for interview and learn Java.

Web Design and UX Tutor

Denis Kabychenko

Web Designer with huge expirience. Tutor with 5+ years of experience.