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The protagonist, Jon Fairchild from New York City, is an ordinary office worker. He is a software engineer. The reader will be able to learn the world inside the main character, where he tries to escape from the imaginary prison of his own mediocrity and with the world outside of the protagonist, where he works in an office and at the same time tries to make more money by cooperation with illegal casinos and the Russian mafia.

Reflecting on the consciousness and the issue of artificial intelligence, Jon creates the supercomputer and the operating system for it, which he decides to name Cronus 221. Computer helped the humanity to usher in a new era. Unexpectedly for the creator, Cronus begins to kill people. Technological disasters occur all over the Earth and millions of people die. Jon wants to save mankind and turn off Cronus. And having access everywhere on the Internet, Cronus blackmails people to kidnap Jon's daughter. Will Jon be able to turn off the supercomputer, given that Cronus controls everything around him?

Wish you a pleasant reading.

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Popular Psychology

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Andrii Piatakha

My name is Andrii, but you can call me Andrey, Andrew - whatever you like the most šŸ˜Š Back in the past, I used to be a software engineer. After that, I become a project manager and helped to deliver different IT projects. Now, Iā€™m an IT consultant and help companies to create software which supports our lives. Unfortunately, Iā€™m not allowed to disclose name of the companies that I work with, but you can believe me šŸ˜Š I have my own IT company and also, I love to teach my students programming online.

I got through different situations in my life to write this book. I wanted to share with you how I see this world, share my experience. And I just wanted you have fun while reading this book. Hope you will enjoy it šŸ˜Š

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  • "Wow! I learned a lot from this book and it is breathtaking! I thought that nowdays it is impossible to write something so unique in this genre! I was wrong!"

    - Dima Pankratov
    Senior Project Manager, Stalenergo inc, @dd.pankratov
  • "I'm a fan of romantic books. I thought that this book is outside of my area of interest. But I found a lot of things that touched my soul. Thanks a lot for such a great book! Recommend to everyone!"

    - Karina Vasilieva
    Choreographer, @karina.karry.22

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